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Code Geass R2 April 8, 2008

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.
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Just watched the first episode of Geass’s second season. It’s pretty awesome — suddenly I’m excited about Geass all over again. It pretty much plays out like the first episode of the first season, and reminded me a lot of Buffy season 5, what with the sudden appearance of a new sibling like nothing had happened, the mystery behind all the characters nonchalance and Lelouch’s memory loss. But all seems back on track now that Lulu has regained his memory. I thought maybe they would have strung out that mystery a bit longer, but this is Geass after all, where plot moves at a ridiculous pace in incomprehensible directions. And I guess we still don’t know exactly what happened in the Lulu-Suzaku shoot out.

I also really love the OP!