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Pluto May 6, 2011

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It takes some balls to reimagine the work of the ‘God of Manga’ Osamu Tezuka, let alone his most treasured work. But if anyone can, Naoki Urasawa can. I’m hyperbolic at times, but believe me when I say this is one of the best manga, maybe even sci-fi, that I’ve ever read.

Pluto takes the most famous story in Tezuka’s Astro Boy (The Greatest Robot on Earth arc) and gives it the Urasawa touch, parachuting in a murder-mystery, thriller aspects and enough robot sci-fi themes to have Asamov frothing at the mouth. It is brilliant because it satisfies the reader on so many levels: aesthetically, entertainingly, thoughtfully. (more…)

New manga 8/4/11 April 9, 2011

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Latest Amazon order brings the new volume of Kimi Ni Todoke and the final volume of Pluto (because I can’t get it from the library, but I have to know how it ends!).
I have a lot of thoughts on Pluto, but will save for a proper post when I’ve finished the whole thing. I’m pretty sure already though that it’s one of the best manga – and sci-fi – I’ve ever read.
Kimi Ni Todoke vol 7 was nice, though didn’t pull on the heartstrings as much as previous volumes. Still, SawakoxKazehaya is hotting up, and what a bittersweet cliffhanger with the Valentine chocolates! I want more RyuxChizu though ^^