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Macross Frontier movie 2 January 23, 2011

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Just a month to go (until Japanese cinema release). So excited!



Macross Frontier OST2 Nyan Tora. October 9, 2008

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Nyan Tra Cover

Nyan Tra Cover

Is it Nyan Tora. or Nyan Tra? In any case I’m moved enough by this OST to write my first post in months.

Nyan Tora. is the second OST for Macross Frontier, an anime with which I was a little disappointed at the end, but which nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed and who’s music I can’t get enough of. Indeed, Macross F is responsible for getting the non-pop star related anisong back on top of the Oricon charts.

I’ve been listening to the first OST, Nyan Furo, on repeat for months. I’m a big fan of May’n’s vocals (What ’bout my star abd Diamond Crevasse ranking amongst my all time favourite songs) but something about Megumi Nakajima really touches my heart, which is weird since I definitely prefer Sheryl to Ranka :p

Anyway, loved the first OST but Nyan Tora blew my head off. I’m a nut when it comes to catchy ridiculously upbeat anipop and Nyan Tora has some of my favourite songs from the series. Northern Cross and Seikan Hikou I’ve already been listening to the singles for but I’ve been waiting aaages for the full versions of Ranka’s Ai Oboete Imasu Ka and Anata no Oto –a  song so ridiculously sweet and catchy I fell in love as soon as I heard it. (Warning, saccharine anipop warblings coming up)

I’ve said it before, but thank God for the Net. It’s a miracle we can dl Japanese music within hours of it being released in the mother country. Of course, I’ve got the actual CDs already on order. What do you take me for, a pirate? ^_-

Great anisongs are what keep me going in life. Yak deculture!