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2012 anime retrospective December 30, 2012

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Another year, another great batch of anime watching. Despite my ‘cutting down’ due to time constraints, I still ended up watching over 20 shows this year, not to mention the odd OAV, movie, drama, live-action adaptation etc. etc. As I rarely get a chance to blog on a series’ end, I thought it might be fun to follow many other blogs’ lead and gather my thoughts in retrospect. (more…)

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi 2009 December 16, 2009

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(Yes, I know the show finished months ago. This is the first of a long series of draft posts I am finally finishing….)

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, or rather, the Boredom/Sighs of Suzumiya Haruhi if you’re going to be anal about it. The long-awaited second season of Haruhi got a lot of fan-flak for essentially running the same episode eight times in a twelve episode ‘season’. But for what it’s worth I really enjoyed it and admire the balls of KyoAni to take such a piss-taking direction. (more…)

K-ON! Eps 1-12 (complete) June 24, 2009

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After School Teatime: Mio, Ritsu, Yui, Mugi

After School Teatime: Mio, Ritsu, Yui, Mugi

A fun and enjoyable, if slightly disappointing, entry to the KyoAni canon. K-ON! had a concept oozing potential: four high-school girls join the ‘light music club’, forming a band that makes music, friendship, and good clean fun.

This sort of moe slice-of-life show normally screams off-beat hit for me (I am, after all a sucker for stuff like Azumanga Daioh, Manabi Straight and Ichigo Mashimaro), and with the hallowed KyoAni at the helm I was totally expecting another Lucky Star level of greatness with awesome music scenes on a par with Suzumiya Haruhi‘s infamous Live Alive episode.

But I just didn’t feel that spark. I know this is controversial, given that a lot of other anime fans have gone nuts over K-ON! (I can feel the flames already), but does it really compare with the likes of Lucky Star and Haruhi on the KyoAni classics scale? (more…)

Clannad~after story Eps 1-24 (Complete) April 8, 2009

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A quick post on the ending of Clannad. Most of what I said in my earlier post remains true.


Lucky Star Eps 1-24 (complete) October 7, 2007

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Lucky Star


In short: The KyoAni Azumanga Daioh.  もってけ!

Thoughts: It’s hard to know what to write about Lucky Star and I can see why it seems to have divided the anime community. It’s almost a love it or hate it kind of show, though I don’t really see how anyone could hate it. (more…)