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Deep kissing and HIV November 20, 2008

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More joy from the Africa Science News Service:

“I was not quite sure how the deadly disease is transmitted. My parents never quite explained to me openly. Now I know it is spread through sexual intercourse, blood transfusion in hospitals and deep kissing through which three litters of blood is passed,” recited Rosemary Nyambura.

Methinks something has gone wrong in the editing process (if there is an editing process at ASNS). That or there is some seriously violent form of French kissing going on in Kenya.

Plagiarised! November 19, 2008

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Here’s an article on a Kenyan researcher doing good work on malaria using geospatial modelling. It reads really well, but….

“By Henry Neondo” my arse. I (re)wrote that, based on something the Kenya Medical Research Institute had put together and asked me to help with before they sent out to local publications for publicity. The article is word for word what I edited and rewrote.

Of course, the main thing is that the info gets out there. But it’s another example of the plagiarism that is rife in African journalism and which used to drive me insane as an editor.

A more original feature coming up on the Wellcome Trust website this Friday.