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New manga 8/4/11 April 9, 2011

Posted by ayasawada in Manga.
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Latest Amazon order brings the new volume of Kimi Ni Todoke and the final volume of Pluto (because I can’t get it from the library, but I have to know how it ends!).
I have a lot of thoughts on Pluto, but will save for a proper post when I’ve finished the whole thing. I’m pretty sure already though that it’s one of the best manga – and sci-fi – I’ve ever read.
Kimi Ni Todoke vol 7 was nice, though didn’t pull on the heartstrings as much as previous volumes. Still, SawakoxKazehaya is hotting up, and what a bittersweet cliffhanger with the Valentine chocolates! I want more RyuxChizu though ^^