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Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below (Hoshi wo ou kodomo) (2011) June 30, 2012

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Hoshi wo ou kodomoI finally saw Makoto Shinkai’s latest at the BFI’s biennial anime season. It’s breathtaking enough to make me thankful to have caught it on the big screen, yet in its quest to deal with weighty issues it just misses perfection, and perhaps even some of the director’s usual heart. (more…)


Welcome to the Space Show May 23, 2010

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The second film I saw at the BFI Anime Weekend was this gem from the team behind R.O.D. and Kamichu!.

Though those two series were very different, they are similar in mixing slice-of-life and relatively ordinary characters with extraordinary situations. And this is continued in  the  team’s debut feature film. Starting out like a space Totoro and morphing into a shonen adventure 2/3 through, it’s an ambitious, visually stunning and vastly imaginative affair.

The basic story follows five schoolkids from a (really) small town who are camping out alone in their school over summer vacation. They find and heal an injured dog, who turns out to be a space alien (of course). The alien  repays them with a field trip into space, but as with any field trip, things don’t go quite as smoothly as anticipated. (more…)

Eden of the East Movie 1: The King of Eden April 12, 2010

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Eden of the East: The King of Eden Movie poster


I’d been eagerly awaiting this film for half a year — one can’t help but after you’re left hanging by an otherwise fantastic TV series with no ending. So was The King of Eden worth the wait? Do we find out just what the heck is going on? Who Mr Outside is? Or the remaining Selacao? Does Akira really become a King? Does Saki ever get over herself? Is Juiz actually a really hot cyborg?

Disappointingly (though somewhat inevitably) only one of these is answered, and that only partially. The King of Eden is just the first of two Eden movies. As such, I kind of expected this one would cop-out of actually revealing much and instead string us along for 80 minutes with the carrot tantalisingly just out of reach…

(I’m going to insert a SPOILER WARNING here, though there isn’t really much to spoil, even when you’ve seen the film :P) (more…)