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Nendoroid Madoka June 9, 2012

Posted by ayasawada in Anime, Loot.
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Nendoroid Kaname MadokaNendoroid Kaname MadokaNendoroid Kaname MadokaNendoroid Kaname MadokaNendoroid Kaname MadokaNendoroid Kaname Madoka
Nendoroid Kaname MadokaNendoroid Kaname MadokaNendoroid Kaname MadokaNendoroid Kaname MadokaNendoroid Kaname MadokaNendoroid Kaname Madoka
Nendoroid Kaname MadokaNendoroid Kaname MadokaNendoroid Kaname MadokaNendoroid Kaname Madoka

Nendoroid Madoka, a set on Flickr.

Among my loot from this year’s Summer London MCM Expo, was this little gem: Madoka Kaname, the titular character from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

I’m a sucker for the SD Nendoroids and a big fan of Good Smile Company’s attention to detail (particularly with accessories and expressions, enabling humorous poses in keeping with the parody nature of SD). Having been impressed by my Nendoroid Kirino, I’m usually drawn to whatever character Good Smile add to the series next, and they’re normally a good range of otaku favourites.

There are 2 Madoka’s in the Nendoroid range: a school uniform version and this ‘ultimate form’ version, based on Madoka’s exploits in the final episode of the anime. Both come with a Kyubey familiar (admittedly, my main draw to the figure, as I’m not that big a fan of Madoka as a character TBH).

I loved this figure when I first saw pics of it from Wonderfest, but was sure I’d missed out when pre-orders came and went. Imagine my surprise to find both Nendoroids at an Expo stand for a ‘mere’ £18.

So how does it hold up. I have to be honest, I’m a little disappointed. While the photos show the good side of it – great painting, good poseability – it doesn’t reflect the frustrating hour I spent figuring out how the limbs work or trying to get the energy bow and arrow to stick in her hand.

Amazingly, the photos on the box bore only a half resemblance to the limbs I actually got in the box. I really wanted to do the ‘Kyubey hanging off her arm’ pose, but the arm with the attachment I needed was the opposite limb to that shown on the box, meaning he’d be facing backwards! As mentioned, the energy bow was too heavy to stick to the designated hand (and the hole way too small to fit the protruding node, even with significant effort spent trying to widen and force it). I had to resort to a piece of blu tack to keep it in place and lean the top on Madoka’s head to keep it from falling (and even then it falls off every now and again). At least the arrow had a tip small enough to fit in the hand.

Things got worse with Kyubey. He’s fine in his sit down position, but when I tried to switch his tails over to the body for the arm-hanging pose, the top part of the tail snapped off! Again, I had to resort to blu tack and glue to keep it back together, but I won’t be changing bodies again in the future >_<

It’s disappointing considering the quality of my previous Nendoroid. I have to wonder if these were factory rejects and that’s the reason they were so ‘cheap’ (Japanese figure imports are usually in the £40-50 region at fairs here). It would certainly explain why the box art and actual product differed.

On the plus side, I did finally mangage to get a decent pose for Madoka and Kyubey to sit nicely in in my display cabinet. I guess that’s mission fulfilled, but I shan’t be fiddling much in future for fear of breaking it!

Fingers crossed my next Nendoroids (have already pre-ordered a couple) work out better.


1. celiathepikachu - November 24, 2013

I hate to say it, but I think you may have a bootleg there ‘^’

ayasawada - November 24, 2013

Indeed. I figured as much when stuff wouldn’t fit together properly. Had no idea such a thing as boot-leg Nendoroids existed until earlier this year. The price was, in hindsight, too good to be true. I wonder if the retailer realised. Just goes to show, even at a major expo, it’s hard to tell.

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