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Kimi ni Todoke Vol.9 July 24, 2011

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The latest volume of KimiTodo really ramps things up, yet I can’t help but still feel a little disappointed by it and – gasp! – maybe even slightly annoyed by some of the characters?

I know what I’m saying is controversial – especially since I still enjoy the series and would champion it as one of the better shojo manga out there. But still, there’s something that feels a little uneven about the last few volumes – maybe the pacing or the extent to which characters have or haven’t changed over the last nine volumes.


Volume 9 is really the ‘confession’ volume, in which Kazehaya and Sawako both put their cards on the table. But in true Kazehaya/Sawako fashion, they both misunderstand each other! This, actually, I do feel was handled well. It’s true that when it comes to love, communicating your feelings is the hardest thing. And more often than not, we find it difficult to explain ourselves in a way that the one we love will clearly understand.

Shiina-sensei handles this aspect really well, and you can’t help but get swept up in the drama of it all — particularly with the backdrop of the school festival preparations. It reminded me a lot of when this sort of thing used to happen when I was in high school – anytime anyone confessed their feelings it was the biggest gossip that had everyone on the edge of their seats!

I have to admit though, it’s a little frustrating for the reader. I’m getting a little annoyed with how dense Sawako is. I’m with Kurumi on this one – no matter how much interference has come from Miura or anyone else, this would all have worked out much more smoothly if Sawako would just get over her inferiority complex and have more confidence in herself! But I’m also aware that this is a) one of my own faults and b) what makes Sawako Sawako. I guess this is really crunch time – the moment when Sawako finally has to change, and must instigate it herself. Having waited (im)patiently this long, I’ll be relieved when she finally does!

Despite the dramatic turn of events, I still felt a little like this was strung out a bit, and, as I say, uneven. In her side column, Shiina-sensei writes that she had a baby around this time, which would explain things – hopefully the later volumes will benefit from her post-birth focus. Yet with four volumes to go I’m starting to wonder how much more the Kazehaya X Sawako plotline will be strung out. Personally – and I think I said this in my thoughts on Vol 8. – I’d like to see more on the side characters, especially Yoshida, Yano and Ryu. I know it’s the two leads who carry the story, but I’d welcome a bit of a break from their misunderstandings and a bit more development for the characters (and world) around them.



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