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20th Century Boys Vol. 15 July 1, 2011

Posted by ayasawada in Manga.
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I received the latest volume of 20th Century boys this week and read it in one sitting!

The story’s really picking up pace now that the Friend has reached a pinnacle and with the sudden return of our hero at the end.

What I liked about this volume was how it took a break from the main characters and inserted a bunch of side stories. The tales of Father Luciano and the Pope were a refreshing break from the last 8 volumes of unrelenting Kanna group focus, while still filling in essential parts of the story. I really felt the suspense went up a notch with this volume as the plot progresses toward the big event and the reader’s anticipation of what will happen next.

This volume also marks me finally catching up, manga-wise, to where I left the live-action film series after the disappointing 2nd movie. Having reached this point I have more of an insight as to why that movie felt like a let down for me. There is simply too much in 8 volumes of manga to compress into 2.5 hours – no way can you get the same feeling of time passing or build up the sense of suspense or attachment to characters in your audience that is essential foe this arc. With the manga, pacing is slower and you have more time to take it all in, consider. Not just rush from seemingly one random event to another. Basically, it always makes more sense if the audience has time to catch up!

I’m pretty sure we’re nearing the final straight now and from here on in I really have no idea what will happen. Biggest question on my mind is the reason for the Friend’s grudge against Kenji. Is it really just because he felt left out? Or just that he’s *that* twisted? (on a side note, whatever happened to the two fat twins?).


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