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One Million Yen Girl May 13, 2011

Posted by ayasawada in Film.
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One Million Yen Girl poster
A lovely, if not entirely absorbing, little film starring Yu Aoi (yes, this was the main reason I went to see this ^^;).

Yu plays the titular One Million Yen Girl, Suzuko, a plain, well-meaning girl who seems to run into nothing but trouble at home. A spiteful acquaintance leads her to jail time and on her parole, she vows to save one million yen and get away from those who treated her so badly. This turns into something of a habit, taking her away from each place she settles when her savings reach the magic number again.

This is one of those quirky, slow-moving, slice-of-life films, which comment on Japanese society and human nature, as we, through the protagonist follow her from town to town, experience friendship, kindness, love and lots and lots of spite. It’s nothing spectacular, but Director Yuki Tanada crafts an empathic story with some lovely moments – Suzuko’s letters to her brother back home are particularly nice. And of course, there’s that lovely lead actress ^^


1. Alvin B. - May 16, 2011

Nice film…. but a bit disappointing, if you ask me.

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