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Infinite Stratos April 20, 2011

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.
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Yeah, well, who would you pick?

My guilty pleasure of last season. Infinite Stratos is, to be frank, cliche-galore. Mixing harem high-school with mobile suits is, depending on your point-of-view, genius or facepalm-worthy. Credit to the creators though (yes, I know it was based on a light novel series), they never pretended to be doing anything else but pandering to mainstream otaku tastes.

Whatever criticism you level at the concept, the finished product is slick. Every episode I watched knowing how predictable it would be. Every character was an anime stereotype — four of the five girls were variations of tsundere! Yet it was all so incredibly… likeable. And despite expecting to get bored, I found myself looking forward each episode, and the smile that would break forth on my face.

Sure, it’s unoriginal. Sure, I probably mainly liked it because it’s part-Gundam SEED, part-Mai HiME and Houki and Char are adorable. And sure the ending was a bit meh, but as guilty pleasures go, Infinite Stratos is good clean fun.



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