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Perfume 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Live @ Tokyo Dome March 13, 2011

Posted by ayasawada in Music.

perfume-live-tokyo-domePerfume’s latest live DVD is the usual tour de force we’ve come to expect from one of Japan’s most polished pop acts.

Filmed at their gig at the Tokyo Dome last November on their 10th anniversary, it’s everything a Perfume fan could want: spectacular dance routines, wonderful costume changes, amusing crowd-baiting interludes, fireworks, colour and almost every Perfume song a fan could want squeezed into a marathon 2 hour 17 minute concert.

It was spectacular. I am continually impressed by the hard work the girls put in — I realise they mime large sections (you can’t physically dance that much and sing at the same time), but it can’t be easy to remember 20 separate dance routines and keep going for 2 hours straight. And to ensure that everything looks fabulous from every angle and coordinates smoothly is a fantastic achievement.

Aside from the songs, my favourite moment was the bizarre bit of banter where the girls divided the audience up into groups – carrots, onions and potatoes – for coordinated cheering. If I understood correctly, they had the crowd chanting ‘meat, meat!’ and cheering curry.

Another was how I really noticed A-chan this time round. Nocchi’s been my favourite from the beginning, but A-chan is amazingly cute in this, and even turns on the waterworks (again) for her crowd address toward the end. I’m torn :P

I loved every minute of the live. And yet, it didn’t blow me away as much as their live at the Budokan did. Some parts of the show didn’t fit together for me. The Perfume special tennis-ball throwing fan service round went on rather too long. Moreover, the slow entrance in white didn’t have the impact of the sudden drop to black and burst into ‘Computer City’ that the Budokan live did. This was repeated later for the encore, in which they walked back on stage before launching into a great performance of Nee. And they repeated it right at the end with a slow spoken ‘arigatou’ as they disappeared below stage. I realise they couldn’t have done the exact same thing they did in the Budokan show though, and this is a different arena.

Nevertheless, it takes little away from a real value-for-money gig. Sorry to keep going on about this, but the 2+ hour running time really does blow me away. We’re lucky to get an hour of a main act in gigs over in the UK. Japanese concerts are something else. And I say again, how incredibly hard-working the girls are. A lot of people dismiss pop acts, but one has to acknowledge the work that goes into creating and sustaining a successful one — particularly over 10 years. Perfume is one of the most successful Japanese acts because of the incredible attention-to-detail and work ethic of Yatsutaka Nakata, his team, A-chan, Nocci and Kashiyuka. No matter if the product is manufactured – if it’s made well people will respond.

Perfume FTW.



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