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Hokago no Pleides February 12, 2011

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The magical girl genre seems to be flavour of the month, what with the excellent original takes this season in Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Kore ha Zombie Desu Ka? 

In keeping with that, GAINAX recently released 4 shorts as a sort of advertising campaign for car company Subaru (though that doesn’t at all affect the story other than providing the character names). Unlike the above mentioned titles, this is standard magical girl stuff, but done really really well in GAINAX’s trademark style (no doubt thanks to the Director of Strike Witches at the helm and the character designer of Gurren Lagann on staff). The studio’s often had a sort of magical girl heroine in their titles (Nono from Top wo Nerae 2, Mahoro from Mahoromatic) so it’s somewhat surprising that this is their first all out magical girl story. 

Each short is only 5 mins long and really lovely. It’s just plain fun. What’s more Subaru/GAINAX have very kindly put all of them up on YouTube — WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES. ANN’s news story has all 4 on the same page for you to view.

I can’t applaud them enough for doing so. In the face of the Fractale/Funimation fracus, it’s a real good gesture for anime fans all over the world.


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