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Gundam 00 movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer January 29, 2011

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.
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Two words: guilty pleasure.
The story, like the series, was pure confusing hokem, with space aliens thrown in for good measure (I agree with Divine on Random Curiosity, it’s pure Macross). And there are still far too many characters (several terribly redundant).
But this delivered pretty much what you got from the TV series, with better animation and a plot that really did take it ‘to the next level’ — which I guess is what you’d expect the studio to deliver in a blockbuster movie like this. Give the fans what they want after all…
And I am, above all else, a Gundam fan. Despite knowing this is marketable trash, I did love every minute of it. I did get extremely (pointlessly) excited by the shiny new mobile suits, beam-spamming, and deux ex machina, all delivered in SUPERB animation.
It’s awful in so many ways, and yet….
Guilty. Pleasure.
But what the hell does that title mean?
(Also: Giant space flower. WTF)

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