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Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack (1988) June 26, 2010

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.

Char's counterattack


The film that finished it all as far as Char and Amuro, and UC Gundam go. Having got all excited after Zeta (and more recently, the outstanding first ep of Gundam Unicorn) and not quite in the mood after hearing mixed things about ZZ, I jumped straight to this. And what a typical Gundam headfuck.

Char’s Counterattack drops you straight in the midst of another major conflict. Within five minutes you have to get your head round Char turning bad guy (again), a Zeon plot that puts the earth in danger (again) and a burst of new characters, allegiances and the usual batch of nonsensical military acronyms. But of course, this is the kind of stuff us Gundam fans thrive on :)

It’s all, of course, an excuse for Char and Amuro to duke it out in one final geek-spectacular battle. In this respect, Char’s Counterattack certainly delivers. I enjoyed the mecha battles almost as much as those in Zeta and the plot itself was interesting enough (especially with the random plot turns) to keep my confused mind engaged. There were also several ‘amusing’ digs at Char’s playboy lifestyle and seeming (or blatant depending on your POV) loliconism.

The problems with are really not to do with the film, but the ethos of the whole Gundam franchise — familiar faults like too many characters, too complicated a plot and nonsensical politics. But these matter little given that, if you’re watching this you’re likely a Gundam fan.

For a relatively new Gundam fan coming to the original MSG after Wing, SEED and 00, it was interesting for me to see  the template lain for Gundam plots to come (or, in cynical terms, how much every Gundam series hence has ripped off the original). Char’s Counterattack gives us the original Operation Meteor, as well as (I think) the first appearance of fin funnels. And in Quess Paraya another irritating Gundam brat that beggars belief why people fall for her (the weedy semi-romance between her and Hathaway Noa made 00’s Louise Halevy and Saji Crossroad look like Romeo and Juliet :P).

But, hey, beautiful mecha, big explosions. I’m sold :P


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