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The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami February 7, 2010

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Wind up bird cover

I just found this post languishing in the bottom of my drafts folder. Goodness knows how long it’s been sitting there for. It’s not even that good an analysis (which is probably why I didn’t publish it right away). But it seems a waste to trash it, so here you go.

Last night I finished a book for the first time in months. I’m very pleased with myself, especially since I love reading but never seem to make time to do it these days. Such is the legacy of working in news — you never want to fricking read anything!

The book I finished was always going to be a Murakami novel. They’re the only things that can sustain my interest these days it seems! Wind-up Bird is supposedly Murakami’s opus. Certainly it feels pretty hefty at close to 600 pages, with multiple characters flitting in and out and lots of random changes of storytelling and viewpoint (though, yes, most Murakami is like that). And Kafka on the Shore was certainly as long as well.

Did I like it though? I did. Yes, I did feel that it was a tad too long — the story just seemed to drift for the final 200 pages or so, unlike Kafka, which built nicely to a crescendo. But the majority of the novel really sucks you in: the usual dreamy Murakami descriptions, the lonely, down-to-earth hero, the troubled woman he has to save. The quirkiness of the characters is also something to be admired. Sure, there are weirdo’s in all his novels, but few with the charm of May Kasahara, or the tangibility (is that a word?) of Creta and Malta Kano.

I was satisfied with the ending too. A good Murakami ending: happy, but not totally resolved.


1. chiara76 - April 23, 2010

I love Murakami’s books. It is one of his best books but of course other ones are also interesting.
Greetings from Poland.

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