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Yui – Again April 28, 2009

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Just mentioned this in my Spring 2009 anime post, but I love it so much it deserves it’s own post. After a surprisingly short ‘break’ from the industry, Yui’s back. The song is the first OP theme for Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and is gorgeous! It’s the lyrics that speak to me most (included after the jump).

English lyrics (from Broken Shield and Sword)

Isn’t my life still too long
For erasing these thoughts?
I have things left to do
Because I want to try doing them again

Even though I must have been pursuing the continuation of my dream
I stumble over other people on a narrow, winding road

It’s not that I want to return to how it was like back then
I’m searching for the sky that I’ve lost
I wish that you’ll understand me
Stop making that sad face like you’ve been sacrificed

There aren’t tears at the end of sins
I’ve painfully bore them all this time
In the labyrinth of emotions where I can’t see the exit
Who am I waiting for?

As if having written it in a white notebook
I want to divulge myself more honestly
What do I want to flee from?
…Something known as reality?

I’m alive so that I can fulfill myself
I feel like shouting so; can you hear me?
Because I can’t be doing it safe and sound
…There’s no place for me to return to, either
I’m always grateful for kindness
So I want to become strong (I’m on the way)
I even welcome such a pain
That turns nostalgic
Isn’t my life still too long
For erasing these thoughts?
I have things left to do
Because I want to try doing them again


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