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1/60 PG Strike Gundam April 18, 2009

Posted by ayasawada in Anime, Gunpla.
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Finished up my 1/60 PG Strike model kit this weekend. It’s the first gunpla kit I’ve done in over a year. I struggled to find time last year due to moving, work, real life etc. Somehow it always seemed like there was something else I should be doing with my time instead. As such, all my leftover kits (and the MG Infinite Justice I got for Xmas) were left back at my parents place. But I try and do a bit every time I go back home to visit the folks. As such, this one — already a huge undertaking — took longer than if I’d spent every weekend on  it.

The whole thing took me about four months and reminded me how much I love gunpla ^^. The construction process I find very therapeutic (I’m a cleaning freak, so the clipping and washing of parts is a nice methodical task for me) and it’s nice to do something that doesn’t involve staring at a screen for a change :p

The kit itself I picked up two years ago when I visited Akihabara. It was on significant discount and I was very pleased at the find (even if it was a bitch to fit in my luggage on the way home). It’s my first PG kit, but I figure, after several years of doing this, I’ve got my technique down enough to handle it :p

The process was pretty smooth. Did all my usual clipping off the runners, sanding down the runner edges, washing in soap water and sorting into individually named sandwich bags before starting construction. The fact that I had to name up to bag Q really hit home quite how many parts there were to this thing.

It’s easy to see why though. This is a fantastic kit, with the number of parts contributing to the tremendous detail and articulation. I thought MG was good, but PG really does take it to another level (or grade as the name states!). There is almost no pose you can’t pull off with this kit. Check out the kneeling pics.

The features are fabulous. All the outer armour is removable, so you can go ‘commando’ with just the exoskeleton if you so wish. The head contains a battery powered LED, which lights up if you can find the right calculator battery (I didn’t have one to hand :( ). The cockpit opens and the pilot seat pulls down to reveal Kira in place and ready to fight.

There are clip on points to properly secure the shield and fold down docking areas to store the rifle o the skirt armour, and cover the docking point for the Striker weapons packs. The side skirt armour opens up at the sides to house the armoured schneider knives, as in the series, and the shield contains a pull up metal cover for the viewing hole, to protect in those hairy bullet-shower situations.

Weapons wise, the shield, rifle and schneiders are nothing compared to the massive grand slam sword, which doesn’t actually appear in the series and seems to have been added simply because a big fuck off robot needs a big fuck off sword.

The model itself is indeed massive (check out the comparison to my 1/100 Strike). As such, you have to be patient. While the actual construction isn’t that difficult (especially if you’re already done a few gunpla and have experience with at least one MG kit), the sheer number of parts means it takes a couple of hours just to put together one arm. However, it doesn’t require too much extra painting, with a bit of panel-lining and application of the rather comprehensive set of decals all that’s needed to make it look decent.

Having said that some of the runners are different shades of white, so some bits don’t match as seamlessly as I would have liked (if you’re really out for perfection, I guess that’s where airbrushing comes into it — an effort too far for me I’m afraid). And the kit still suffers from that age-old gunpla problem of loose-fitting parts. The left shoulder unit, for example, seems to constantly slip off, displacing the arm, despite my constant attempts to push the whole thing into the socket properly. Bits of the arm armour seem to fall off at random intervals too.

But that doesn’t distract from the fact that this is still a fabulous kit for a really iconic Gundam. Were they not so expensive, I’d definitely invest in more PG kits. It certainly makes it difficult for me to accept anything less than a MG now.

Next up: I do have the 1/60 PG Skygrasper + Aile Striker to go with this PG Strike. However (and despite what I wrote in the paragraph above), I have a half built 1/144 HG Strike Noir to finish off, and really ought to do that next.


1. user - March 21, 2011

its a intersting kit. however I need to order the stickers. for the stike PG I also need to order some parts
both springs
custom yellow LED
Gundam 00 PG Branch N
the head parts noted I dumped it in the trash by mistake. it was in a white platic bag. I was taking it to a dealer for a battery test fit. my desk at my job is messed up. I cleaned it out with out looking inside all the bags. half way home after work its too late.
I can get some help I do not order from Hobby Link Japan, ebay and Amazon all three delaers sold me destroyed items and fake shipments with fake tracking numbers. so all three accounts got suspened due to it.

2. user - March 21, 2011

I forgot some data
I have to repeat this request. I need to order this parts Stike Gundam PG
custome yellow LED that supose to come with it
the two springs that is supose to come with it
I also needed to order the decail stickers
it got stuck on the box. its destoryed

I also need to order this branch for Gundam 00 PG
Branch N bad mold job. parts destryoed on test fit
I do not order from Hooby Link Japan
Amazon and ebay

3. Lan - August 3, 2011


Thank you for your review and nice photo’s of the kit. I have never heard of washing parts in soap water, sounds very interesting.
Could you explain to my why? And did you paint the armor parts? It looks so nice ^^

Thank you in advance,

ayasawada - August 3, 2011

Thanks for the kind words.

I started washing parts when I started sanding down the edges after clipping the parts from the runners. This was to get rid of the excess dust. However, I found that the parts also felt ‘cleaner’ and were much easier to paint/marker up afterwards. I later read somewhere that washing helps to get rid of the thin chemical layer left on the parts/runners as they come fresh from the moulds. It certainly seems to make a difference to the finished product.

To answer your other question, no, I didn’t do any painting on this one. As mentioned in the post, some parts were a slightly different shade of white, but I haven’t had the time or the inclination to repaint the entire thing! If I had an airbrush maybe – that would certainly make it look even better. However, with PG kits you can generally get away with no painting as they’re made to look almost perfect right out of the box.

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