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Clannad~after story Eps 1-24 (Complete) April 8, 2009

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A quick post on the ending of Clannad. Most of what I said in my earlier post remains true.

The series ended at Ep 22 really but we were treated to a ‘flashback’ episode 23 set before Tomoya and Nagisa had even met. At first this seemed just an excuse to revisit the high school hi-jinks of earlier in the series. But along with the nostalgia came an ending that reinforced how the two star-crossed lovers really were meant to be. Awww.

The final episode was a recap, but probably the best recap you could imagine. Under the guise of Tomoya telling Ushio the story of how her parents met it really tied the whole Clannad story together and in many ways helped to clarify some of the confusing parts of the supernatural ending.

For what it’s worth, the explanation seems to be that the city legend of orbs being granted to those who are happy (as told in the Misae and Yukine arcs) was true. I’ve read a few articles about the game and even seen a flow chart of the game’s timeline. In the first instance, Nagisa and Tomoya did meet, did get together and have Ushio, but both died. In his grief, Tomoya died and slipped into the other world where he took the form of the robot. The girl (an incarnation of Ushio I believe) granted his wish and sent him back to the past, where he is able to help resolve everyone’s storylines (Fuko, the Fujibayashis, Tomoyo, Sunohara and Mei, Kotomi, Yukine, Misae). Each happy solution releases an orb and collecting all the orbs (well, this is a based on a game after all) allows Tomoya to finally wish Nagisa’s survival during childbirth and Ushio’s subsequent health.

The After Story sequel really polished off the story and brought it from being a nice but so-so series to an absolutely outstanding one. You really feel like the emotional investment made in two seasons and nearly 50 episodes pays off. The attention to detail, from the usual visual hints in the OP and ED animations to the subtle character traits and hinting dialogue really make watching the whole thing rewarding.

For me, the best thing was the sheer sense of hope that Clannad conveys. You really feel like you’ve gone through life’s troubles with the characters and it gives you a tremendous sense of inspiration, that no matter how bad things get, you can get through it. I can’t tell you how wonderfully uplifting it is to get that from any series, anime or otherwise. Kyoto Animation, you geniuses have done it again.

UPDATED: 13/4/09 Realised I’d left in a placeholder where I meant to write Yukine and Misae. Whoops.



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