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Paris April 1, 2009

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Yes, this is in Paris. I can spot a Totoro anywhere in a 5 mile radius.

Yes, this is in Paris. I can spot a Totoro anywhere in a 5 mile radius.

I just had a long weekend in Paris. Free Eurostar tickets courtesy of a day spent last year testing St Pancras station and the links to Ebbsfleet. Woo hoo!

Paris photoset on Flickr

This was actually my third time to Paris, though my first ‘as an adult’. Last time I went was when I was 15 on our then traditional family camping holiday to France. As such, spent a lot of time wandering into places and realising I’d been there before. Kind of wish I’d been less ignorant as a kid and soaked up more detail and history. Funny the things you notice when older though. Hadn’t realised the New York and Paris metros were so alike. Also disturbed by the sheer number of Dragonball Evolution advertising posters.

Anyway, it was a fairly easy going holiday since neither myself or my best friend had too much cash to spend. Walked to the Eiffel Tower on Friday (supposedly “near” to our hotel). Spent Saturday in Amelie-land of Montmatre walking past Moulin Rouge, Montmatre cemetery and the Sacre Couer. Really enjoyed it, although I realised I’d been to a couple of the places before ^^; Walked along the Seine from Notre Dame to the Louvre on Sunday before heading back. Overall, a pleasantly relaxing weekend with considerably more walking than expected.

Ate a ton of crepe’s and not enough cake from the patisserie. Best mate also refused to partake in bread wars, somewhat disappointingly. And I bought a whole baguette too….

My French remains crap, but was pleasantly surprised at how much I retained, despite having not spoken it for 15 years. Especially pleased with “Ou est le chat?”


1. Totoro - April 2, 2009


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