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Gundam 00 music March 15, 2009

Posted by ayasawada in Anime, Music.
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Gundam 00 has been exciting, if a little disappointing with its constant deux ex machina plot twists. What I’ve really enjoyed though is the music accompanying it. The OP and ED themes have been outstanding, so I thought I’d write a little to showcase another successful Gundam/JPop collaboration. Videos after the jump.

Back at the beginning, the OP was L’Arc en Ciel’s Daybreak’s Bell. I’m not a L’Arc fan, but this was a good pumping song that really captured the mood of indignation and defiance of Celestial Being’s early days.

The ED theme back then was the excellent Wana by The Back Horn. Again quite heavy with the guitars, the highlight for me was the screaming chorus, followed by a quiet-ish bridge:

Believe in kindness and forgive everything.
Share with others, understand each other, so that we may learn to love.

I was then happily surprised with the return of the Brilliant Green (hooray!) and Ash Like Snow. The hurt and melancholy inTomoko Kawase’s voice at times really captured what was going on at the end of the first season, hopes and dreams turned to… erm.. ash ( like snow) :p Love this track, so here’s the full video rather than just the OP sequence.

The second ED theme was Friends by Stephanie, which really grew on me the more I heard it. Probably my least favourite of the OP or ED themes, but that sounds a tad harsh, since it’s still a good song. Again, the vocals are great, with Stephanie’s voice crying out with hope and the strength of friendships.

On to the second season, and things opened up with a bang with the excellent Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashii (Fleeting and Everlasting Sorrow) by UVERworld. I loved this from the moment I saw the first teaser trailer. It really screams “Ike!” (Let’s go!) and has a fantastic guitar riff over the Gundam logo in the OP sequence.

Continuing recent Gundam tradition, Chiaki Ichikawa of See-Saw provided the first second season ED theme. I love Prototype. It’s a really haunting melody in many ways, and again echoes of the hurt and pain felt by many of the characters through their struggles. The images used in the ED sequence, particularly the last image of a break in the storm, are really beautiful, even if the posture-straightening is a little weird :p

Stereopony are one of my new favourite bands, following the fantastic Hitohira no Hanabira, which was used as an ED for Bleach. though I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I adore their Namida no Mukou OP now. It starts off sounding a little whiny, but the chorus is fabulous and the lyrics are really touching, about hurting someone you love even if you don’t mean to.

That sadness contrasts witht the new ED theme, an outstanding ballad by Yuna Ito, Trust You. I find Yuna Ito a bit hit and miss. She has a fantastic voice and I do have her Wish album. Some of it is a bit meh, but the good tracks are absolute knockouts, like Mahaloha or I’m Here. On Trust You, Yuna’s vocals are tremendous. It’s a really uplifting song of trust and redemption that no doubt signals a happy end for the series.

Finally, a big shout out for the fantastic insert song in the second season, Tommy Heavenly6’s Unlimited Sky. To be honest, Tomoko Kawase’s voice sounds a little off in the opening lines, but once the chorus gets going this really comes into its own with spine-tingling guitar riffs and lyrics full of inspiration. It’s relatively short, but enjoyable every minute.


1. jamesesz - March 15, 2009

The Music of Gundam OO rocks! Try watching Gundam Seed also..The music isnt that bad either.


~ESZ, James

ayasawada - March 15, 2009

I love the music of SEED! Equally good OP and EDs for both SEED and Destiny. Nami Tamaki’s Reason still ranks as one of my fave’s.

2. jamesesz - March 16, 2009

Nami Tamaki!! lol..I love her songs 2!! I am trying to compile a list of anime ballads..Do u have any recommendations? Thanks!!

3. brenda - March 31, 2009

i’m waiting for gundam 00 season two hope i can buy the mission book 2 fan book . lol….

4. BRENDA - March 31, 2009

setsuna,lockon,allelujah roxs..

5. brenda - March 31, 2009

ya i like the music too . i try to ask my friends to download it but they donno so sad

6. brenda - April 1, 2009

i wonder when will start gundam 00 season two

ayasawada - April 1, 2009

Hasn’t it just finished? ^^;

brenda - April 3, 2009

haven today lockon die so sad

7. brenda - April 3, 2009

next tuesday is setsuna 17 birthday

8. brenda - April 3, 2009

haven finish today lockon die so sad

9. brenda - April 3, 2009

i think 3 more esprisode then season two and setsuna ve one new gundam exia cool man

10. Gundam 00 second season Ep 1-25 (complete) « Canned Memory - April 5, 2009

[…] noted in a previous post, the music was awesome. But as well as the OP and ED themes, a shout out has to go to Kenji Kawai […]

11. brenda - April 6, 2009

tomoro is setsuna birthday i have the fan book

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