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Tommy February6 / Tommy Heavenly6: Soda Pop Daydream vs. Gothic Nightmare March 8, 2009

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Last week I received a huge parcel from YesAsia: my Tommy boxsets!

Strawberry Cream Soda Pop and Gothic Melting Ice Cream. ドちらがいい?

Strawberry Cream Soda Pop and Gothic Melting Ice Cream. ドちらがいい?

I’ve been a huge fan of Tommy ever since Lonely in Gorgeous was used as the OP for the Paradise Kiss anime. Around the same time I fell for a song called Sayonara Summer is Over by a band called the Brilliant Green. Little did I know Tomoko Kawase was the voice behind both.

Here’s Lonely in Gorgeous.

So, Tommy just released two best of albums, one for the disco-pop Tommy February6 and one for the goth-rock-pop Tommy Heavenly6 (though surprisingly not on 6 February, Tomoko’s birthday). Both boast a hell of an album title: Strawberry Cream’s Soda Pop Daydream and Gothic Melting Ice Cream’s Darkness Nightmare.

Being a sucker for Japanese merchandise gimmicks, I ordered the deluxe boxset blu-spec CD and DVD versions of both.

The box sets are a mirror image of each other: one goth and one pop depending on your taste (I love both, but definitely swing more toward pop Tommy ^^). The goodies include: the best of album featuring a couple of new bonus tracks (like Unlimited Sky, the recent Gundam 00 insert song), the DVD with all the singles’ music videos, a set of clear plastic sleeves with the single covers printed on them, a school-themed photobook, a sheet of stickers and the standard booklet of lyrics and credits. Best of all is a lovely ring binder with a metal embossed plate, in keeping with the whole high-school student theme. And there’s a big box to put everything in.

God knows what I’m actually going to do with all this stuff (keep it in the box on a shelf NRFB no doubt ^^;) but it’s nice to have and a must for any Tomoko Kawase fan.

The albums themselves are great. As a best of, it’s obviously all been heard before but it’s great to hear all the singles in a big long playlist (even the full ten minute Hallowe’en weirdo version of Lollipop Candy Bad Girl).

Gallery after the jump.


1. 風 - March 11, 2009

Hello there!! You seem a really big fan of Tommy-san, can i ask u something? -I know that Unlimited Sky is on Gothic Melting, but have you ever heard of an Acoustic Version?? Maybe, on an Unlimited Sky Single CD, perhaps..?

Thanks so much, and btw, your 2 boxsets? -NICE.:)

2. 風 - March 11, 2009

and just FYI, did you know that another version of that Chungking Express quote, was in a Stephen Chow movie(A Chinese Odyssey)? I think it goes something like this:
“..if i must place a (expiry) date on this love, i hope it will be —万年(10,000years).”

personally think its *slightly* nicer:)
Cheers mate.

3. 風 - March 11, 2009

*goes to look at my dvd*
-ok this is it:

“If God can give me a chance, i will tell her three words: I love you. If God wanna give me a time limit, i hope it is ten thousand years.”

i’m a straight guy, by the way, so i’m sorry for the gushing- Odyssey and Chungking are 2 of my favs as well.

4. ayasawada - March 11, 2009

Hi there. I didn’t know there was an acoustic version of Unlimited Sky. A quick Google, however, reveals that it is download only from here (http://morawin.jp/package/80312130/DFXX00148/). Hopefully it’ll be on a future release. Incidentally, there wasn’t a single of Unlimited Sky — just appeared on the Gothic Melting Ice Cream album.

I haven’t seen either of the Chinese Odyssey movies (though I have seen the 2002 sequel ^^;). They did come out in the same year as Chungking Express though (1994). Wouldn’t surprise me if Wong Kar-Wai put in the line as a tribute.

5. 風 - March 12, 2009

Appreciate the answer! And I see I’ve been ‘preaching to the choir’ about the Chinese Odyssey thing haha

The Acoustic sounds so nice…… thanks for the link. Tommy still looks lovely doesn’t she… Lost track of her and The Brilliant Green somewhere after the heydays of Sono Speed De and Ai No Aru Basho- until to my great surprise and pleasure I saw her again on the Ash like Snow PV (with a Haro no less) heh. Ah, time sure flies…^^

ありがとうございました, ayasawada-san!

PS: Bloody hell why didn’t it snow in London when {I} was there over the winter..?!

ayasawada - March 14, 2009

Like all British weather, the snow only arrives when you least expect it, for maximum disruption! :p

6. jin - March 14, 2009

hello, just wondering if both these box sets have all the music videos that tomoko has done?

ayasawada - March 15, 2009

Yep, all of them as far as I can tell, plus two ‘making of’ videos.

You don’t have to splash out for the full box-set necessarily. You can actually get just the album + DVD in a ‘normal’ version (for example, see http://bit.ly/lYvY9), which is significantly cheaper.

7. noeru - April 23, 2009

This makes me so happy– It makes me want to cry~~~

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