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Clannad ~After Story Ep16 February 7, 2009

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Tomoyo and Nagisa ^^

Tomoya and Nagisa ^^

I normally wait until after I finish a series before blogging about it, but Clannad ~After Story Ep 16 so was so amazing I feel moved to write something about it right away.


I’ve been following Clannad since its first run, primarily it being a KyoAni series and being such a fan of Kanon 2006 when it aired. I have to admit, I wasn’t too impressed by the first series. While it was nicely done, it was very slow and didn’t have quite the same overall plot to pull things together as Kanon did. So, the second series came as something of a surprise to me. Depending on how you look at it, the second series is either a puzzling choice for KyoAni (particularly since we’re all waiting for another Haruhi) or a much needed way to make Clannad whole.

Things didn’t look so great at the beginning of the series: while there were still the odd hilarious moments and the whole thing was still nicely done, the early arcs felt a lot like leftovers and never really grabbed me. But the story really got going once things started focusing on Tomoya and Nagisa again.

Being in my twenties myself, shows about growing up, moving on from high school/college and dealing with everyday life appeal to me right now. And Clannad really hit it the button, with that same measured and sensitively handled approach that made the ‘normality’ of Kanon so touching. It’s been a real joy watching Tomoya and Nagisa build a life for themselves. It’s almost like the show is a guide for harem-loving otaku, showing how to lead themselves into a grown up life and asking real questions like ‘How do I make a life for myself?’ and ‘What is it like to be a parent?’.

It’s certainly very grown up for what was essentially a show based on a harem game. And the time passing without the rest of the cast being involved really resonates with life for our two main heroes. When the rest of the gang visited in Episode 16 it really  felt like a happy reunion ^^. And when Kyou and the rest of the gang told the Okazaki’s how they felt like the two of them were ‘getting ahead in the life game’ I couldn’t help but empathise, because that’s what I and so many of my friends feel like now.

But of course, most viewers would have seen the tragedy on the horizon and episode 16 really hit home hard. I don’t cry too often, but Clannad, like Kanon before it, really brought the tears out in that final scene. It looks like the rest of the show will be about how Tomoya deals with it and brings up his daughter. I’m half expecting the supernatural intervention that’s tradition in Key games, after all they still haven’t really tide that rather large plot thread up and they kept mixing the scenes in this ep with those of the robot and girl from Nagisa’s play. I wonder if Fuko will make an appearance?

Either way, this has really wedged its way in my heart and I look forward to the final few episodes. I should never have doubted that all that patented KyoAni character build up would pay off with a big emotional crescendo.


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