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Yui – My short stories November 20, 2008

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My Short Stories cover

My Short Stories cover

I got Yui’s new B-sides album through the post last weekend and have been listening to it to death ever since. According to the Listen The World blog, it’s hit the top of the charts and sold over 174,000 copies in the first week! O.o

If I’m honest, it’s not as strong an album overall as Can’t Buy My Love. But like I Loved Yesterday, I feel it’s got some really outstanding tracks that make up for the so-so ones. ‘HELP’ is absolutely outstanding, even if it is quite old now (this is a B-sides collection after all) and I’d forgotten how much I love ‘Oh My God’ and ‘Winter Hot Music’. ‘Why Me’, apparently the first song Yui wrote, is also very pretty.

I’d made sure to pre-order this so I got the limited edition first press, which came with a bonus DVD featuring videos and a 45minute live. It was totally worth it as the live is great, even though Yui pulls some strange faces when she is singing sometimes ^_^; She really puts all her strength into her singing. Best of all, the live is punctuated by several random inserts of Yui playing impromptu acoustic street gigs in random covered shopping streets around Japan. These are really fun to watch. I wish I could have been at one…

Also, if it doesn’t sound too strange, I really like the paper the CD booklet is printed on. Nice and glossy.

This is HELP.

Oh Baby Baby Oh Baby Baby
夢見てるのよ 小さな頃から
Baby Baby 憧れだけが強くなる
Oh Yeah! チャンスをください
I believe my god oh oh oh!
I believe myself oh oh oh!
Yeah! 神様 HELP!


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