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Vampire Weekend October 27, 2008

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Is your bed made?
Is your sweater on?
Do you want to
Like you know I do
Like you know I doooooooooo

I went to see Vampire Weekend at the Forum in Kentish Town on Saturday night. It’s not every week one of my favourite bands plays 20 minutes down the road from me.

Actually they’ve only recently become one of my favourite bands. I woudn’t be into them today if it weren’t for my friend Kerri raving about them in the pub one night. Kerri has good taste and I was looking to “get back into English music” so I thought why not?

I’m glad I took the chance. As it turns out, they weren’t English after all, they’re from New York (much like the Strokes and Asobi Seksu, who I also love) but at least the language is right.

Vampire Weekend are what my friend Jenni terms ‘disco indie’. That quirky, semi-70s indie sound of guitars, hooks and catchy beats. Being a pop lover, what really gets me is how good a mood it puts me in whenever I hear their music. Like good zeitgeist tunes the lyrics seem semi-philosophical whilst not actually making a whole lot of sense much of the time. But the riffs are so damn great. I defy you not to sing along to Oxford Comma, Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa,.. heck, the whole album.

They were really great live. Lead singer Ezra Koenig comes off the epitome of a really nice guy. Decently spoken, decently dressed (as one would expect of a bunch of Ivy League graduates), polite and full of enthusiasm. And Chris Tomson gets really into his drums. Largely, they play just like they sing on the album, but it’s still great to hear the (little bit of) banter in between tracks and hear those riffs live.

Anyway, highly recommended. Here’s A-Punk.


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