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Old job, new job October 11, 2008

Posted by ayasawada in Personal.
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I finished up at my old job yesterday. I’m officially no longer the news editor at SciDev.Net. In a week’s time I’ll be a science writer for The Wellcome Trust.

It’s a real change for me. I still very much want to be an Editor, but I’ve always thought it hard to get people to take me seriously if I haven’t had the writing experience and portfolio. I have gained a hell of a lot through my editorship at I,Science and SciDev.Net, but I’m sure people would look at my CV and ask, how did he get so far so fast without ‘doing time’ as a writer/journalist? Besides, I’ve always lacked confidence about my writing, and I think it’s time to get out of my comfort zone, stop hiding behind editing other people’s work and start writing for myself! I am a decent writer, and it’s got me this job, so I can only improve from here.

It is weird to leave a place I really like and people I really get on with. Things weren’t perfect, and I had my fair number of stresses and situations. As such, moving on is probably a good move at this time, particularly for a better salary :p Besides, having spent the majority of my working life at two small-sized places, working for a big one will be a good experience. I am a little scared — I never like change — but it’s time to sit up and step up. In the meantime, one week off (woo-hoo!) and a short break in Prague. Then we’ll see about that future.


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