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Skins season 2 finale April 26, 2008

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I belatedly caught up with the final episode of Skins season 2 this week and really enjoyed it, although it felt a little weird abandoning the one-character-focus of most episodes.


It brought back a lot of memories, of A-levels, results, wondering where life is going. Had me thinking again how, ten years later, I’m still as lost! But I thought that mixed up time of leaving, moving on, letting go, saying goodbye, was done really well, and given the episode theme, the switching between characters matched well.

I really felt most for Anwar. Failure’s never nice, but it’s doubly horrid when you’re left looking around and realising your mates are getting on with things, leaving you behind. But as Sketch tells him, there’s nothing wrong with being left behind. Everyone just gets on with things. Not sure what to make of him suddenly jumping on the bus to London with Max though. Does that mean your mates always come through for you in the end and fuck dealing with stuff?

I was also really glad they left Cassie/Sid on a cliffhanger, with the audience left to imagine if they meet or not. Similarly, am very glad Tony/Michelle didn’t just fall back in together and try to make a long-distance thing work. How mature, though I wonder how many teenagers think that logically?

Anyway, I still haven’t seen season 1 of Skins (treat!), so my impressions of the whole series rest on season 2 . But I’ve really liked it. A friend of mine picked me up on liking the ‘depressing’ episodes like Sid, but yeah, I did. I hadn’t really known what to expect of Skins and for them to show teen life as quite raw, mixed up and confusing — particularly the feelings of isolation emphasised by their one-character-focus-per-episode strategy — that was a real surprise. I think I’d been expecting more of a US teen soap, or Hollyoaks or something. Obviously some things were exaggerated and unrealistic, but overall, they got the emotion right and it was a laugh. Looking forward to season 3, and season 1.



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