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1/100 MG Strike Freedom Gundam December 29, 2007

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Strike Freedom


I spent a lot of time doing this one properly and thankfully it paid off. This is a really beautiful kit, and probably the best one I’ve put together.

The most time-consuming task (besides just clipping and washing the parts) was painting the joints gold. Because this is the plain MG kit and not the overpriced Full Burst edition, the ‘gold-plated’ inner frame actually comes in a sickly yellow colour. Luckily a Gundam marker soon fixes that, and though it doesn’t sparkle as much as the real thing, it does cost a hell of a lot less. There are a few other spots that look better with a bit of paint, but being a MG kit you can probably get away without too much effort. As always, panel-lining makes a hell of a difference though. And the decals add a nice touch. Didn’t bother with some of the other stickers though.

The kit itself has a great degree of flexibility and very posable. The sheer number of weapons lend itself to any number of cool poses, so I’m not likely to get bored anytime soon. The DRAGOONs are fully detachable. I would have liked some kind of stand for posing, but I can’t say I really like the one that comes with the Full Burst kit — looks slightly tacky to me. The stand that is provided does the job, though it is unimaginatively similar to the MG Freedom one (might try an Action Base one day for a bit of excitement). As with the MG Freedom, the cockpit opens to show a seated Kira Yamato, and the model also comes with scale figures of a standing Kira and Lacus Clyne (which I was going to paint, but considering my unsteady hand I thought wisely against).

Overall, it feels a lot of more solid thank the MG Freedom, so Bandai have definitely made good improvements to their Gunpla in the years in between. Definitely a recommended big of plamo.

Next up: 1/144 HG Strike Noir Gundam.


1. Thomas - December 2, 2009

raikiri!!! Are from Alaska??? My Dog Died :(

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