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うれしいけど君は私が嫌い December 29, 2007

Posted by ayasawada in Music.

Asobi Seksu are a band I tried on a whim after reading a Guardian review of one of their recent gigs. I’ve had this song repeating in my head ever since – it matches my current state of mind, and its in Japanese, so totally right up my street.

Unfortunately, the only thing I could find is this YouTube video set to the 2006 Gamera movie. Weird, but kinda cool.

Ano kumo wo miteru
Kotori ga tounderu
Ureshii kedo
kimi wa watashi ga kirai

Futari de koi shite
Tanoshii tokoro e
ikitai kedo
Kimi wa dokonimo inai

Naze kietai no
Kimi wa nigeteru no
Naze naze
Kimi ga daisuki, daisuki, daisuki
sukinano ni


1. Asobi Seksu live @ ICA, London « Canned Memory - February 22, 2009

[…] Asobi Seksu came to town this week and I jumped at the chance to see them live, especially since it was a live review that introduced me to their music in the first place. […]

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