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Mobile Suit Gundam movies 1-3 (complete) June 10, 2007

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.


In short: In the beginning, there was Amuro and Char.

Thoughts: Well, for a Gundam fanatic, it’s nice to finally see how this whole damn thing started. We’ll probably never get the original series here in the UK, so these movies are as good as it’s going to get. And quite frankly, sometimes that’s a blessing – as ‘epic’ as Gundam series are, we all know how they can drag at times…

Anyway, it’s a curioso for relatively new Gundam fans like myself (I’ve only been a fan since Wing) to see how much the Gundam concept includes recycled plot points. The famous cliches of the masked villain, super teenage pilot, siblings on opposite sides – it all starts here. I also have to renege slightly on my criticism of Destiny‘s Impulse Gundam – the lame combining parts concept was there from the start in the original core fighter set-up.

I was initially taken aback by the old-skool animation. Not so much the plain/squareness of the mecha designs, but more the roundness of the character designs. It makes a nice change from Hisashi Hirai though. Anyway, though it’s a plot that has now been copied ad nauseum, it still holds the same excitement and interest. Perhaps it’s the universal theme of war, or the classic thrill of the hero’s journey. Or maybe I just can’t get enough of giant robots blasting the crap out of each other. In any case, I was really gripped and well satisfied by the usual kind-of-happy, kind-of-sad open-ended Gundam ending.

Character-wise I can see why Char Aznable remains popular, particularly in an age of two-dimensional villains. It’s also nice to see a really conflicted hero like Amuro, who doesn’t just cry or go emo 24/7 (though he does do a bit of both at various times). In fact, most of Yoshiyuki Tomino’s characters are well-rounded and get an equal share of the spotlight at various times.

Perhaps my only complaint is the classic illogical plot twists that we’ve come to expect from all Gundam series (I can’t believe this has been preserved in every Gundam sequel to this day). Sayla Mass stealing the Gundam and getting nothing but a short time in the brig really pushed my incredulity tolerance. In fact, Sayla Mass suddenly becoming an ace pilot pushed me over my incredulity tolerance. Or at least it would have if I hadn’t taken a liking to Sayla Mass. ^^;

Overall, this really is something every Gundam fan should see. It explains a dozen ‘why is it like that??’ questions, gives the origins behind one of the biggest anime franchises of all-time and provides a refreshing amount of decent characterisation. Sure, it’s still a gigantic toy advert, but we’re smart enough not to succumb to those…. ^^;



1. Nizam - January 14, 2009

do you the link to download those three

2. Nizam - January 14, 2009

i mean do you have the link

3. ayasawada - January 14, 2009

Not any longer unfortunately. I torrented it ages ago from Tokyo Toshokan. There might still be an active torrent, so I’d say try a search on there.

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