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1/144 HG Sword Impulse Gundam May 28, 2007

Posted by ayasawada in Anime, Gunpla.

It’s almost a year since I bought this kit, so it’s about time I finished it. I’ve been working on it a bit at a time over the last few weeks and decided to finish it off with a two hour painting blitz last night.

Gallery after the jump.

Core splendor ikimasu!

The lame combination sequence

Sword Impulse front

Fully docked

Sword Impulse back

From the back

Beam boomerangs

Beam boomerangs


Excalibur(s) drawn



Attempted ‘helicoptor move’

Pose 1

Pose 2

This model benefitted from the new set of tools I picked up in Tokyo: a pair of specialist hobby clippers and a shit-load of Gundam markers. The clippers were definitelya worthwhile purchase. They’re flat on one side, making clipping the parts from the runners a lot easier – no more uneven surfaces! In terms of painting, I finally realised that watering down the very thick white paint I have makes all the difference ^_^;

Overall, I’m really pleased with this kit. Bandai’s HG range seems to get better and better. The joints have a lot more freedom of movement, adding extra poseability. It’s still not possible to do the ‘helicoptor sword’ move properly though, and I guess we’re unlikely to ever see a MG version with the joints to do it. But the HG is a pretty good model for the price. And my love of robots with big swords overcame my misgvings about the whole combining Impulse Gundam concept (which I still think is stupid!).

Next up: Well, it should be the 1/144 HG Strike Noir really. But I might just skip to the MG Strike Freedom, or take a break from Gundam and do the Zegapain Altair instead.

In other Gunpla related news, I went to the London MCM Expo at the weekend, specifically to visit the Gundam Mad stall. I ended up purchasing a PG Skygrasper + Aile Striker to match the PG Strike I picked up in Tokyo (as well as an SD Destiny and more Gundam markers ^_^). I probably shouldn’t have. The prices were the same as they were on the website (abeit minus the postage costs) and really HLJ + overaseas postage costs is still marginally cheaper. So my advice for UK gunpla fans is to stick with HLJ (or go to Japan with some really big suitcases).



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