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All’s right with the world May 6, 2007

Posted by ayasawada in Sport.

Hooray! The premiership trophy is back where it belongs. Despite a spirited Chelsea comeback, they failed to beat Arsenal, so United take the title. It’s been a really colossal performance from the team this season, with displays of passion and heart true to the ethic of our fine club.

I have to admit though, coming off the back of a tepid European exit, it does feel like something of an anticlimax. I guess it’s a measure of our overachievement. But a Champions League final would have really kept the adrenaline flowing. As it is, we have a couple of nothing premiership games before the grudge match with Chelsea in the FA Cup. I am looking forward to that, but somehow it doesn’t have the same shine when there’s not a treble at stake. That’s weird, since last August I was desperate for us to just get a trophy, any trophy.

Anyway, I’m grateful to the team for restoring my faith in the club (and life!), though I still don’t rate 1/3 of our squad as class enough for United. Makes the achievement even more surprising. But the potential is there and a fine future awaits. For now, we’ll welcome an old friend to the trophy cabinet.



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