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Caved March 23, 2007

Posted by ayasawada in Net, Personal.

After months of resisting, I finally gave in on a whim and signed up to Facebook. Agh, I’m still irritated with myself for doing so, but I caved after receiving my seventh invite today.  Oh well, at least it’s not MySpace.

Anyway, my profile page is really bare and is likely to stay that way. Frankly, I hate looking at myself and have hardly any photos with me in it, so I don’t expect to be uploading anytime soon. And as if I’m gonna have time to furnish it properly when I barely have time to blog! Not to mention the extreme underuse of my Flickr and Last.fm accounts. Social networking needs time, which I don’t have.

Thoughts: I’m amazed at how quickly Facebook rapes your contact book. The cynical side of me (aka. me) fears a future backlash of spam. Indeed, here it is – my inbox is littered with ‘friend’ acceptances. The internet works. Seriously, it does seems like another way to maintain your army of past acquaintances whom you never intend to see again. I’m also amazed at how many of said acquaintances have lavished time and attention on this thing. But many of my real friends are there too, so let me affix my smile…



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