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Kanon 2006 Ep1-24 (complete) March 20, 2007

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.


Anidb: Kanon 2006

In short: A dream… I’m inside a dream… Just the same view over and over again…

Thoughts: If Haruhi sent KyoAni‘s popularity through the roof, Kanon confirms that they can do no wrong. In hindsight, it’s quite a canny move – by doing a remake of an ultra-popular game with a not-so-good anime, it provides a yardstick of just how skilled the studio is.


Beautifully crafted and almost (almost) perfectly paced, Kanon was my sleeper hit of the season. These days, it’s rare that a show lives up to the hype, but Kanon did in almost every way. The bible of harem/moe anime, it epitomises the otaku dream: one amnesiac guy, five girls in need of help, supernatural happenings and a mystery to solve.

Kanon is one of those series that sneaks up on you. Being a slice-of-life show, it’s low on action and big on long, protracted build-up. But as the mystery is unveiled, I got more and more curious. By the time the Makoto arc finished, I was hooked (and in tears).

KyoAni’s Kanon does what lots of anime try to do, but often fail: a fantastical take on the ordinary.

Interestingly, Shiori is the one ‘real’ character in it, with no supernatural occurrences to speak of. Yet she was the one character I didn’t get attached to (though her attempt at whack-a-mole was pretty cute). I guess normal tragedy just seems boring after metamorphosis and the manifestation of fear.

The ending I expected from the first OP credits. Ayu had it on her first bite of taiyaki and I do actually like her as a character, though no matter how I look at it YuuichiXAyu just seems wrong! I don’t care how many times they say she’s the same age….

Like a lot of fans, I was slightly disappointed that the last ep was a bit rushed – disappointing after the rest of the series was so well planned. Maybe dragging it out another couple of episodes might have improved things and given us a bit more Nayuki.

Indeed, perhaps the only thing the 90s Toei anime did better was the ending (or so I hear). As I understand it, in the Toei version Nayuki tells Yuuichi where Ayu is, thereby giving up any chance she (and we) had of a Nayuki ending. That seems much more poetic compared to Akiko telling him in a cafe.

Having said that the Ayu monologue was gorgeous and really tied the series together. In fact, one of the biggest pleasures of Kanon was the little details; the episode titles (and themes) based on a different musical movement, the clues to the series hidden in the OP and ED credits. Heck, even the contrived catchphrases caught on. And in Kyon Yuuichi KyoAni manifested the ultimate harem king!

Kanon is certainly one of my favourite anime series, one that I actually wouldn’t mind watching over and over (though that seems to go for most KyoAni series…).


1. Theowne - March 22, 2007

I’ve heard good things about Kanon, but I also watched the first few episodes and felt that the female characters acted a bit like kids which felt odd if they were supposed to be romantic interests…..maybe I’ll pick it up again since I keep reading again and again about how this version is great.

2. ayasawada - March 22, 2007

Yeah, it’s well worth following. I also thought it a bit dull at first, with the same old harem formula. But at some point the characters just stop seeming annoying and it’s actually pretty sweet.

3. k-li - March 25, 2007

I loved Kanon.. I finished it last night ^_^ It was slow at first, but then really did grab your attention! So sad… sniffle…

And I didn’t mind the ending as much as most people did… then again I’m a sucker for happy endings!

4. ayasawada - March 25, 2007

Yay! Yeah, I loved it too. I still say Nayuki deserved a couple more eps to herself though!

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