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バカじゃない February 28, 2007

Posted by ayasawada in Japan, Personal.

The JLPT test results are in and I finally have myself a certificate. Yes, I passed Level 4. I am not a complete idiot! Woo-hoo!

Breakdown of my scores:

  • Writing-vocabulary 91/100
  • Listening 76/100
  • Reading-grammar 152/200

Giving a grand total of 319/400 or 80% , which is about what I aimed for.

Obviously I’m pretty pleased to have passed. But as previously stated, taking Level 4 – the lowest level you can do – is a double-edged sword. After studying for three years (with a year’s gap in between) I really should pass easily. However, parts of the test were a lot harder than I expected and as you can see my grammar isn’t great. Thankfully, that’s improving now that I’m studying at SOAS.

Still, a pass is a pass and it’s nice to get off the ground. I’d offer myself a reward, but I think a trip to Japan just about covers it…. and the perfect opportunity to expose the shallowness of my knowledge!

Level 3 next year then.


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