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Japan itinerary February 25, 2007

Posted by ayasawada in Personal, Travel.

Right, most of the details for the trip have been worked out, but I’m still trying to book a couple of hotels. Worryingly, it’s for the first two nights of my accommodation. I don’t think Kobe on a Thursday will be too much of a problem, but finding a place for Kyoto on a Friday is becoming an issue. Everywhere I seem to find is fully booked! Damn Japanese school trips.

 Planning is exhausting in itself

Anyway, the plan is looking like this:

  1. Day 1: Arrive in Tokyo at 7am and shinkansen it all the way to Kobe to visit Aki and Jim. That may seem like a mammoth amount of travel, but shinkansen are spacious and comfy – and I can sleep – so I don’t mind. Plus, I think I will be buzzing on adrenaline.
  2. Day 2: Lie-in. Then head over to Kyoto to see Yuki. I think there are some temples I still haven’t visited yet….
  3. Day 3: Not sure, but I think I might find an onsen somewhere and chill out – Kurama is pretty close. In the evening, meet Ryo in Nagoya. He’s letting me stay at his for the weekend and wants to go to an Irish pub…
  4. Day 4: According to Ryo ‘have lunch then work in Nagoya Castle’. I hope that is a typo. Also according to Ryo ‘house party into the night!’. These crazy Nihonjin. Do they not work on Mondays?
  5. Day 5: Head back to Tokyo. Find my hostel in Asakusa. Probably do something light in the afternoon. Like souvenir shopping or taking photos of Tokyo Tower.
  6. Day 6: Kamakura here I come! If I’m not temple’d out already, I will be.
  7. Day 7: Moving hostels to a ryokan in Ikebekuro. The fun (and temptation) starts here. Am planning to check out the local anime stores and the secret otaku Mecca Nagano broadway.
  8. Day 8: Check out Odaiba for Tokyo Bay.
  9. Day 9: Loosen the wallet, its all day shopping in Akihabara.
  10. Day 10: Ghibli museum, then maybe Jinbocho. Moving to a hotel in Shinjuku.
  11. Day 11: Culture in Meiji-jingu, freaks in Yoyogi park, then more sights (and spending) in Harajuku and Shibuya.
  12. Day 12: If I’m not already broke (and over my baggage weight), I expect to spend my last day doing more shopping before heading to the airport. Boo hoo, holiday’s over!

It’s obviously not ideal moving around so much, but I figure the first week’s travel, adding the necessity to pack light, will curb my spending. Not like last time when I hauled copious amounts of crap all over Japan.  Also, there’s an outside chance Eric might be joining me, at least for part of the trip – which is good, since I’m a little concerned my Japanese won’t hold out for sustained conversation over four days.



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