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日本に行きましょ! February 18, 2007

Posted by ayasawada in Personal, Travel.


It’s almost four years to the day that I first visited Japan. Having powered up my Japanophilia and studied the language for three years, I’m finally making a return visit next month.

It was a pretty last minute decision – I rarely make such travel plans on such short notice. The primary reason is that my boss is to be on maternity leave very soon, which leaves me with a heavy degree of responsibility over the next nine months. With such a small office staff, I can’t justify taking a couple of weeks off in the autumn as I had planned. So it’s now or next year.

The good thing about Japan is I’ve already been there, so I don’t mind going with a little less preparation time. And I did promise myself a self-indulgent holiday after the stressful ‘breaks’ of last year.

The flight cost pretty much what I would have expected any other time of the year. The timing also means I’ll catch hanami, so hopefully I’ll get to see stuff like this. I’m planning to spend more time in Tokyo, though I’ll probably pop over to Kansai to briefly visit a few friends. I have a ticket to the Ghibli museum and a daytrip planned to Kamakura thus far. And shopping. Lots of shopping.



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