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Er… January 14, 2007

Posted by ayasawada in Rant, TV.

ER kicked off its 13th season last week, with some noticeable changes.


Any excuse for a Parminder Nagra pic

I can’t believe they’ve axed the opening titles from ER. It seems the vogue to have a quick title screen and then cast names over start of the episode (see Lost, Ugly Betty, Studio 60) – but do they honestly think it jazzes up an old series much? I doubt it frees up that much more time for ads either, but I guess every second counts.

I also can’t stand the jingle that now poses for a theme tune. I want the pulsing sounds of the ER theme dammit! Like many long-time fans, that first burst of sound – the crash of the doors as they push a gurney through – that’s ER, not some indie-pop guitar crap. On that note, they’ve taken the insert song too far as well – one at the end of every episode?? And usually a generic, sickly sweet one at that. It’s a real shame as, when used sparingly, the insert songs normally chosen appropriately enhance the emotion. Now it seems every episode is pretty much by the numbers in structure as well as story.

Pic courtesy of Parminder Nagra Online


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