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1/144 Deathscythe H January 1, 2007

Posted by ayasawada in Gunpla.

The experiment was successful! It is possible to turn a crappy looking no-grade 1/144 scale model into a decent looking one with a major paint job. Gallery after the jump.

This Deathscythe has particular sentimental value as my first ever gunpla purchase, from a department store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Takes me back to a time when Gundam Wing was airing on Cartoon Network and I bought this model on a holiday whim. If only I’d known what I was getting myself into….


Deathscythe H

Deathscythe Hell

I repainted everything, turning all the dark blues into black and repainting the greys to take away that plasticy look. I stopped short of painting the beam scissors, as the sticker looks decent enough and I don’t really have the right red to detail it properly. I’ll probably work my way through the old models eventually. But if I keep buying new one’s that might take a while…



1. 1337w422102 - March 23, 2007

Now THAT is a 1/144 Deathscythe Hell! That kit looks really bad unless you paint and detail it properly. I didn’t, and it looked so bad that I had it lose a gunfight in a stop-motion animation I made (see attached URL)…

2. ayasawada - March 23, 2007

Yeah, if I’d known I was going to get serious about gunpla I would never have bought so many no-grade models. It’s HG, MG or PG from now on!

3. 1337W422102 - March 29, 2007

You said it. Still, I bought this kit second-hand for about a dollar or two. That being the case, I guess I can’t really complain…

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