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明けましておめでとう! January 1, 2007

Posted by ayasawada in Personal.

In an attempt to distinguish myself from the billions of other new year posts, I’ve decided to put the title in Japanese. New Year is, after all, the most important holiday in Japan, so it seems appropriate.

Anyway, happy new year. 2006 was mad, bad and crazy – though not without good luck. I look forward to the blank slate of 2007.

On that note, I’ve been thinking of resolutions for a while. I have a couple of personal one’s, but they’re more ‘goals’ than resolutions. There’s also the usual list of things I really ought to do – exercise more, give up sweets (as if ). According to a recent bit of research (by psychologists mind – don’t snigger) it’s best to keep your resolutions few and achievable, with a reward at the end. Thus, I’ll vow the following:

  • Study seven hours of Japanese a week (not including lessons)
  • Cut down on downloads (i.e. stop dl Gigs of crap I will probably never watch)
  • Post to this blog at least once a week

If I can keep these up until past Chinese New Year (February), I’ll reward myself with a DVD. If I make it past Easter I’ll get a PG Strike Gundam. We’ll see.


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