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GTO ep1-43 (complete) December 26, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.


In short: Onizuka Eikichi, 22 years old. Yoroshiku!

Thoughts: GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) is a story that trancends whatever media it is put in. The feel-good tale of a former motorcycle gang member who decides to become the greatest teacher in Japan has universal appeal, although it does seem to imply that everything can be solved with sheer determination and (carefully focused) violence. It’s heart-warming, dramatic, very very funny and in Onizuka has the most endearing of anime heroes, an immature idiot with a clear moral centre and no idea when to give up. Given the task of turning a notoriously rebellious class, Onizuka breaks them one by one through a combination of fortuity and righteousness. GTO is always entertaining, but the anime drops into filler about halfway through. GTO was a highly successful 25 volume manga, spawning a popular drama series and this anime. However, the latter two began and ended before the manga finished its run, necessitating some dramatic changes to the ending. This doesn’t detract from the fun of the series, but the conclusion does come rather abruptly and disappointingly. If you want to see what really happens, all roads lead back to the manga.



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