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Zegapain ep1-26 (complete) December 25, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.



In short: The Matrix reloaded – with mecha.


Thoughts: Zegapain came completely out of the blue and really knocked me for six. I’d been craving a decent mecha anime since SEED Destiny so disappointed. I watched the first episode on a whim and wasn’t particularly taken with the clumsy CG mobile suits and arrogant protagonist. But the presentation was crisp and something about the story hinted at a deeper mystery therin. I kept watching and am very glad I did. Whilst not really original (part-Matrix, part-standard-Sunrise-mecha-formula) it possessed a surprisingly existential core and a very well planned story arc. The characters were well-rounded and engaging and the animation beautiful. Even the CG robots grew on me, as the set-pieces were so elegantly executed. By the end I really wanted to be Sogoru Kyo – and surely that’s what a giant robot anime should do! The score was pitch perfect and the series boasts two gorgeously appropriate opening and end themes. As the story pushed through it’s revelations – the server existence, Kaminagi’s awakening, Shizuno’s true nature – I became more and more engrossed and the philosophical questions added a further edge of interest. To be truthful, I felt the series plateaued at episode 25, with Kyo emerging from the resurrection system and the final battle about to begin. The final victory seemed rather fortuitous and the epilogue a tad confusing (for my money it’s Kyo’s kid and no, it’s not Sin). Nevertheless, from a pleasant surprise Zegapain became one of my favourite anime of 2006 (perhaps ever).


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