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Veronica Mars – Season 2/Season 3 ep 1-9 December 25, 2006

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In short: Normal is definitely not the watchword.


Thoughts: Having thoroughly enjoyed the first season of VM, I season two started with high hopes. The bus crash of the opening episode set up, what I expected to be, a hell of a story arc for the year ahead. As the season wore on, however, I felt the quality fluctuated alarmingly. As is standard for a US series under constant threat of cancellation, it reached a crescendo at the halfway mark, but lost focus once the writers realised they had to carry on for another 12 episodes. There were a number of dud episodes, culminating in the lame ‘I am God’ flashback episode. This interrupted the more interesting turns, like Logan’s development, Beaver’s rise and his very sweet relationship with Mac. Indeed, it’s Beaver that I have the most problem with – he’s the big bad of season two? You’ve got to be kidding me! With the careful planning of season one I really expected something better than a development invented for the final episode. I want more clues scattered throughout the whole season dammit! Which brings me to season three. As a series about a high-school detective girl, VM gets away with the ‘contrived local college that everyone happens to attend after graduating’ routine, so standard with US teen shows. Again, the season started off brightly and the case-of-the-week stories have been very entertaining. But come the end of the first arc – Mercer did it? Mercer? It’s Beaver all over again! Where’s gradual curve of clues culminating in an almighty pay off?! Ahem. I’ve been told I’m being extremely harsh. After all, the likes of Buffy and Angel had their very low points too. Nevertheless, you almost always felt like each season was edging towards some larger reveal. For a show as excellently written as VM, it really should do better with it’s overarching plots. I love the characters, I love the dialogue and I love the show, which is why I want it to be as perfect as can be.



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