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Psalms of the Planets Eureka Seven ep1-50 (complete) December 25, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.

Talho: easily the best thing about Eureka Seven


In short: Amalgamation of shonen hopes to be the ultimate merchandising machine.

Thoughts: Let us start with my first question: What the hell does the title mean exactly? And if the ‘seven’ refers to the seven swell, what the fuck happened with that? Eureka is the kind of show that says a lot, drags on for 50 episodes, but fails to account for several of it’s parts. That’s not to say it’s terrible – something had to have kept me watching for that long. Even the cringe-worthy blend of sky-surfing robots, hippie revolutionary heroes, Eva-esque illusions of grandeur, a vomit-inducing romance and a really annoying protagonist didn’t put me off. I even got excited at points (mostly by the dramatic score… and Talho-san ^_-). I am, however, very glad that they remembered to bring back Renton’s sister at the end and at least explained the summer of love, as well as the Corellian’s. The explanation of earth was also a stunning revelation. Some of it just doesn’t quite add up at the end, like the seven swell, amita drives and, yes, the bloody title. Renton also irritates me to the point that I just can’t overlook his sudden leaps into skill and heroism the way I could with, say, Kira Yamato. The show also smacks of pandering to multiple audiences, with mecha, surfing, romance, violence and philosophical ponderances all vying for attention – and unevenly so. I’m pretty sure that they sold plenty of merchandise though (and as a Gundam fan I can’t really speak out against this…). It just seems like a bit of a messy concoction, albeit a pretty one.



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