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Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) December 25, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in Film.


In short: Spanish Civil War, girl, fantasy, dark.

Thoughts: I know it’s highly praised, and Pan’s Labyrinth is gorgeous to watch with great performances from Sergi Lopez and Ivana Baquelo. But it just didn’t completely grab me. I felt like I was watching two halves of two very good films. Certainly the contrast of fantasy and grim reality heightened the atmosphere of both world’s, but I was always left wanting more of the fantasy, or more of the war, as the plot flicked between the two. To be honest, I also found it difficult to relate to Ofelia, a girl who is quite capable of performing mythical tasks but gives in far too easily to temptation and is generally a bit of a whiny kid (yes, I’m harsh). I also hoped the fantasy world would be deeper and more fantastical – perhaps Lord of the Rings has spoiled me? And why did the English title have to include Pan? It’s got nothing to do with Pan! Still, the film is luscious, entertaining, beatifully filmed and brimming with imagination – everything you could ask for at this time of year. I’m just diffucult to please.



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