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Fate/Stay Night ep1-24 (complete) December 24, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.

Saber shows her strength


In short: Seven masters, seven warriors, all action and a bit of harem for good measure.


Thoughts: Fate/Stay Night comes very highly recommended, with an enormous fanbase following its airing earlier this year. Honestly, the enthusiasm of some fanboys (and the oddly punctuated title) initially put me off, but I’m glad I got round to watching it.

Fate really is a wonderful anime, a near perfect blend of first class fantasy mixed with marginal harem high-jinks. The quasi-Eva-esque blend of real mythology, gorgeous character designs, outstanding characters, plot enough to blow your socks off and exhilarating action really caught my imagination. Much of this stuff comes directly from the game on which it is based (another case of eroge turned first-class anime – I’m attracted to the formula after Shuffle). Nevertheless, Studio Deen seem to have done a good job amalgamating the three alternative storylines. It’s not perfect, particularly toward the end.  Plot-points fluctuate madly and a number of important details are implied where they should be stressed, with Archer and Sakura losing out mightily. Lucky we have Wikipedia to fill in the details. This also has the unfortunate consequence of making several dramatic points seem extremely corny or serendipitous – Gilgamesh’s intervention in the Caster arc for example. They just about managed to get away with the semi-happy ending though. I’m pleased Shiro and Saber didn’t live happily ever after, but Rin really should have died (and I honestly thought she had!). I was pretty relieved though, as she’s my favourite.

Even without deeper understanding, there’s a heck of a lot of enjoyment to be had. It’s a lush, interesting universe with plenty of eye-candy and really gorgeous music. I’m ambivalent as to whether I’d like the sequel, Fate/Hollow ataraxia, to be animated. I don’t want the franchise to be ruined, but more of the same would put a big smile on my face.


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