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Ouran High School Host Club Ep 1-26 (complete) October 10, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.

Anime Db – Ouran Koumou Host Club

In short: The reverse harem – and I like it?

Thoughts: What sounded like something oozing shounen ai, turned out to be one of the best shows of the summer. This is in no small part due to the complete package offered by BONES: gorgeous animation, classy music, some fantastic voice work and a well-paced story. As a romance-comedy in episodic form Ouran High School Host Club is very easy to get into, as are the cast of loveable characters. I’ll admit I didn’t think I’d like an anime with a female lead and several (indeed a whole club full of) potential suitors. But the cross-dressing element, bizarre behaviour and startling development into more heart-felt plotlines put this way up on my likeability scale. To tell you the truth, I liked it from the first episode, mostly because of the just-off-OTT humour and the imaginative use of light-bulbs as the cast cottoned on to Haruhi’s real gender. Anyone who likes their anime light-hearted and their comedy off-kilter should definitely check this out and it’s well-presented enough to impress even those repulsed by over-cute romance.



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