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Honey and Clover II (Ep 1-12 complete) October 8, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.

Anime Db: Honey and Clover II

In short: The memories of youth spin once more.

(Spoilers!)Thoughts: I was overjoyed when Honey and Clover II was announced. Not only would it finish adapting the rest of the manga, but we would get more wonderful JC Staff animation and more bittersweet Suga Shikao and Spitz music. Admittedly, this was taken to extreme levels with an insert song every episode, but then Honey and Clover II was really for the fans. It’s really not so much a sequel as a continuation.

The final plotline involving Hagu’s accident was truly shocking , though I was rather relieved – from the previews I feared she’d actually committed suicide or something! By taking away the talent of the most talented character it added an extra edge to the series,  forcing everyone to face up to their fears and decide what it is they truly wanted.

Of course, the main draw of the series was the romance, or rather the possible romances. I’m actually quite disappointed that neither Morita nor Takemoto (especially Takemoto!) got Hagu, though the ending did have a very mature feel about it. However, the idea of HaguXShuuji freaks me out! Deep down, I also rather hoped that Mayama would come to his senses over Yamada, but it made sense for Rika to finally open up. The episode where Mayama takes Rika to Hokkaido was particularly sweet, though I was still in tears every time Yamada couldn’t get over it. However, I’m very glad that everyone in the group didn’t just pair off at the end. I also very much enjoyed Morita’s backstory and the reason why he works so hard and so mysteriously.  The Hollywood/George Lucas plot was a little hard to accept though. Of the sequel’s expansions, I most enjoyed more of the Fujiwara Design crew and the fantastic Leader. You can’t beat a really cute anime dog.

Where realism is really emphasised is in the bittersweet (equally bitter and sweet) romance. I’m a sucker for lost romantic causes and pining heartache, so H&C really does it for me. The poetic musings, the kind background music and the mix of emotional trauma and whimsical comedy really pushes my buttons. It was really hard to watch everyone just drift away from each other, but it emphasised how happy memories are with you forever, even if people must follow their own separate paths. Quite rightly, Honey and Clover is up there with the all-time greatest anime and one that now feels even more complete.


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