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Top wo Nerae! 2 (Ep 1-6 complete) October 1, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.

Anime DB – Top wo Nerae! 2

In short: Navel-gazing Gainax in otaku orgasm

Thoughts: Two years is a long time to stretch out six episodes. I’d like to say it was worth it, and in some ways it was, but the Top wo Nerae!2 really disintegrated toward the end. I realise this is GAINAX, they of the ridiculous FLCL, ecchi He is My Master and maddening Eva. But there comes a point when things just have to make sense and no amount of beautiful animation will cover up the spaghetti plot. It started off well enough, an orphan girl inspired by the appearance of giant robot and it’s courageous pilot. It got more intriguing, a space-fleet defending against alien invaders and a group of young pilots defined by their abilities, but who lose that quality all too quickly. It was furnished with ladles of in-jokes, references to the original Top wo Nerae (Gunbuster) and oodles of truly outstanding animation. But where the original was a poignant, surprisingly realistic take on the super-girl/giant-robot genre, Top wo nerae!2 played dangerously with its status as a GAINAX ’10th anniversary celebration’ and promptly disappeared up its own ass. I’ll admit, I do not understand what on earth happened in the last episode, which is a shame because up to episode five I was loving it. Heck, even Nono turning into her own Buster machine made some sense in my twisted must-justify-GAINAX-thinking otaku mind. But the end was just silly. What the heck were they trying to do with the earth? And why would Nono suddenly appear to help when she swore she wouldn’t take part in their plan? And what exactly happened to Nono? Perhaps if someone explains this all to me I might enjoy it more, but after all that waiting, I feel pretty cheated.



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